Wednesday, May 16, 2012

LCDR Morton Assumes Command of NORTHCOM

Ahhhh ... way back when ... remember when they said ... but they'd never .....

I remember that everyone understood that you can deploy for a year and put your life on the line every day ... but as we don't want to upset our Islamic friends; we will give up the pleasure of a beer. Sure; we understand.

Then it was a "group punishment" if one person from a nation who has the outlandishly irresponsible 21-yr drinking age doesn't know how to drink makes an a55 of himself. (notice that nations like The Netherlands with a drinking age of 16 just don't have this problem)

What about the USA ... oh, that will never happen here, right?
The head of the U.S. Northern Command has a reminder for his troops supporting the upcoming NATO summit in Chicago: no alcohol, no prostitutes.
Yep, General Order #1: in CONUS. In your own nation. In your off duty hours. I'm just happy they didn't make everyone sign a Page-13 stating they wouldn't beat their wives during the Super Bowl.

Anyone deployed to AFG can tell you ISAF/NATO bases are awash in alcohol for the adult nations. Ever been to ISAF HQ on New Years?

How do we find ourselves here treating the military this way - after a decade of war? In their own nation? What does this represent?

Same thing; CYA leadership and moral cowardice of the worst kind; one that throws service members under the bus and reinforces the worst cliche'd insults.

Then we spin it like some cheap paternalistic fuss-bucket.
"Military commanders routinely apply lessons learned from previous experiences. In this case, the recent events in Colombia highlighted to the leadership at USNORTHCOM the importance of ensuring that there is absolutely no confusion on what is expected from the military and DOD (Department of Defense) civilians supporting these important national security events," explained U.S. Northern Command spokesman John Cornelio.
In. The. USA.

Read the whole memo and cry the beloved nation.

NATO Conf Memo

Good googly moogly. The world laughs ... and I laugh with them.

I just ask one thing - do not heap scorn on the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen - this isn't their fault and they have done nothing wrong. Tut-tut, waggle a finger, and just shame everyone from SECDEF to COMNORTHCOM. Let them feel the shame.

Nanny state leadership. The Care Bear branch of this school.

Hat tip hewhoshouldknowbetter.

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