Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Defenestration of the Janissaries

Over at USNIBlog, URR returns to what is a very important topic - the top-heavy nature of our force.

Any student of history knows what happens to a military that becomes a boated patronage machine more focused on privilege and status than service and warfighting.

Everyone likes to talk about how "expensive" manpower is - but as we decimate the meaty center of our operational capability with ERB and other programs - we ignore the most expensive bloat of all; our Admirals.

I think good people can disagree on what the right number is and different ways to "right size" the bulbous top of the pyramid ... but no one can realistically defend where we are now;

The May 2012 Proceedings reached me while I was on some active duty facilitating some war games at NDU. It is my second-favorite Proceedings issue of the year. It is the Naval Review issue. Contained therein is every Navy Flag Officer currently serving. Three hundred thirty one in total, according to USNI.

There has been discussion aplenty here and elsewhere regarding the absurdity and wastefulness of having 1.17 Admirals for EACH SHIP in the United States Navy.
URR has a good entering argument, check it out.

Next bid.

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