Sunday, May 06, 2012

CSN: in ur ports; mess'n ur bit'ness

Sadly, my ancestors were all Confederate Army ... nary a Sailor among them until my grandfathers decided to serve on the other side during The Great War. We let by-gone be by-gones ... it just took about a half-century. 

I would like to think that somewhere a Confederate Navy man is chuckl'n a bit.
Confederate troops scuttled the ironclad CSS Georgia to prevent its capture by Gen. William T. Sherman when his Union troops took Savannah in December 1864. It's been on the river bottom ever since. Now, the Civil War shipwreck sits in the way of a government agency's $653 million plan to deepen the waterway that links the nation's fourth-busiest container port to the Atlantic Ocean. The ship's remains are considered so historically significant that dredging the river is prohibited within 50 feet of the wreckage.
Hat tip SP.

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