Thursday, May 17, 2012

LCS Ponderable of the Day

Just a little snip from an email from the Fleet.
"Independence just pulled into SD not long ago and her AAR for transit through the Panama Canal shed light on some of the crew's challenges during the transit over. We are now living with the realities of what was hastily planned and pushed into production. "
... and we'll be living with it for awhile.

The sad truth is that we are well past killing the program, though we'll will bemoan the opportunity cost for decades - this will make it in to the Fleet.

The big questions now are:
(1) how we manage to optimize a sub-optimal platform in a manner that give the Fleet Commanders the best possible platform given its limitations.

(2) ensure we employ the platform in a manner that does not unnecessarily imperil our Sailors.

The answers are still evolving, but some things won't. Physics and physical endurance.

LCS will, for many yapp'n from the cheap seats, be the gift that keep on giving.

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