Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Why all the Frigate Disrespect?

I had a little fun with "The Under" last week WRT his dislike of frigates, but there is something else going on in the background that is just, well - in a word; pathetic.

First; no one in the Navy is allowed to snort at blogs anymore. Check out a couple of things from

Look at the fact file on frigates:
One SH-2 (Lamps Mk-I) in FFG 9-19, 30, 31.
Really? The SH-2 left active duty in the early 90s and the reserves a decade later. I don't have time to pick apart the rest of the page. See what you can find.

Anyway - you can't find the page unless you search for it. It isn't under "F" for frigate and it isn't listed with the rest under "S" for ships - where you can even see battleships.

As tomorrow is Thursday ... at least under "D" there are two entries for (D)iversity.

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