Thursday, April 26, 2012

Diversity Thursday

One of the themes of DivThu is the corrosive and warping effect support of this socio-political Cultural Marxist agenda on otherwise intelligent, dedicated, and motivated professionals. 

There are a few believers, a few useful idiots, but that vast majority of people have just accepted it in a way anyone who tried to lived their lives in a Communist country would understand; you say the right things at the right time to the right people - and just try to do you job with as little interference from the soulless oxygen thieves as possible. Along those lines; NAVSEA's VADM McCoy gave an interview to Chris Cavas at DefenseNews. Chris asked a rather important but simple question:
Q. One problem with hiring new engineers is that of finding qualified U.S. citizens in the engineering schools. How have you dealt with that?
Solid Q. Fair Q. Initial instinct from VADM McCoy ... not bad.
A. We established a program at the University of Michigan with a consortium of about 15 schools where we have scholarships for folks to come into the naval architecture pipeline. And we give them unclassified but real Navy projects to go work on. There are not a lot of U.S. citizens in this country taking naval architecture. So we’re trying to build a cadre of folks to come do this work.
Ahhhh .... but I think his Loop is trying to shift him to decaf. Almost as if the "Random PAO infused Flag Officer phrases generator" was switched on. Sadly - here we go.
We have a very strong relationship with historically black colleges and universities. Just about a hundred percent of their graduates are U.S. citizens. And we fund 46 NAVSEA scholars at historically black colleges and universities and bring them into our business. Compared to some of the bigger-name schools, they’re a great place to get U.S. citizens to do this business.
Right answer to the wrong question, or the other way around. Either way ... it is funny. 

Some DivThu ... you need a laugh. VADM McCoy has chanted that mantra so many times, that you say "engineer" and the first, well actually second, thing he thinks of is the color of someones skin. Check a one in the "V" column for the Diversity Bullies; our leaders don't think about getting the best engineers, or enough engineers ... just engineers that are of a race they approve of more than others.

Oops - there goes the laugh.

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