Thursday, April 05, 2012

Diversity Thursday

Oh, what fresh hell is this?

So, they will ask the students that are required to attend - "What did you study at the Naval War College?"
Diversity Leadership Symposium

U.S. Naval War College – Spruance Auditorium

I. Date: 03 April 2012

II.Location: Naval War College, Newport, RI – Spruance Auditorium[Soft Break]

III. Theme: “Diversity and Inclusion – The Imperative Onward”

IV.Time: 1300 - 1600

IV. Agenda

1300 - Welcome…RADM J. N. Christenson President of the Naval War College

1305 - “The Strategic Imperative”… CDR M. A. Katson Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

1335 - “Enlisted Diversity Perspective”…FLTCM S. Benning Fleet Master Chief, Manpower, Personnel, Training & Education

1400 - Keynote Address: “Navy Diversity and Inclusion”…VADM S. R. Van Buskirk
Chief of Navy Personnel

1435 - Intermission / Comfort Break / Networking

1500 - Q & A / Training Session…CNP, CDR Katson, and FLTCM Benning

1550 - Wrap-up / Closing Remarks…CDR Katson

1600 - Dismissal
Some great potential for Q&A there.

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Capn Nick said...

so will there be special diversity qualifiers applied to the forthcoming breathalyzer tests, since DNA heritage is known to play a significant role in alcohol impact? Is it fair, really, to measure everyone on the same standard? And I really think the celts/Irish/Scots need some sort of handicap against their score to even it up for the rest.