Monday, April 23, 2012

Jerry, in all your spare time ....

We have a little follow -up to my post at USNIBlog earlier this month.
The director of the Navy’s historical command resigned Monday, in the wake of an inspector general report that found his command struggling with decaying records and fraying ties to historians, the Navy’s top spokesman said. Jay DeLoach, a retired rear admiral, had led the Naval History and Heritage Command, which is based at Washington Navy Yard, since 2008. In that job, he had overseen 112 employees who preserve and archive the Navy’s historical collections, a voluminous collection of records, artifacts, art and photographs, as well as 12 Navy museums. DeLoach arrived as an iconoclast — challenging what he saw as a hidebound, “introverted” center to better serve the needs of the fleet. He called for “forward-looking historians.” ... Capt. Jerry Hendrix, the director of the Navy Secretary’s historical advisory panel, has been named the command’s interim director,
.... yes, that would be "our" Captain Hendrix - frequent guest on Midrats.

Hat tip Lee.

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