Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Seaman Proctor, Report to the Scullery

The full story will come out - but this via The Capital is in many way just sad.
Kriss Proctor, Navy’s starting quarterback last season, will not graduate from the Naval Academy. Proctor has submitted his resignation from the academy, a school spokesman confirmed to The Capital.
An inside source at the academy with knowledge of the situation told The Capital that Proctor’s resignation comes on the heels of an alleged honor code violation. The source said Proctor knew that academy officials were going to hold him accountable for the alleged transgression.
Sad in a few ways:
1. He is a 1/C MIDN, just weeks from a commission. Like the poor guy who drank himself into a B&E last year - you hate to see someone so close blow it. Was he close to failing out? We'll find out soon enough I guess what the exact honor violation was. Any way - it makes everyone look bad.

2. Admission in to USNA is a zero sum game. Somewhere out there is a guy or gal who did not get in because he took their slot. A nation and a person lost an opportunity.

3. Most of the interest in this guy - guilty in parts here - is because he is a football player. We know the warping the D1 football fetish has on Annapolis even with the best leadership (which BTW this Supe has demonstrated far and above the last few before him). If this was MIND Schmuckatelli from St. Paul, MN - no one would care.

One last point for #3 above. Why does Chet Gladchuck, the AD, not paid by USNA but by NAAA, supervises USNA staff and has a front row seat on the dais every year next to the Supe during graduation?


That should tell you a lot. What it tells me is that there are a lot of sad, insecure men who find some hole in their lives that they need to fill with a game played by others - a need they are willing to put ahead of more important and outwardly focused things.

So back to the beginning. MIDN Proctor has most likely, at a very young age found his terminal rank. Also, most likely being that we don't send these types to the Fleet as an E1 anymore, he will find himself without a degree this year unless he can find some place to let him finish up next fall - and with a non-small bill from Uncle Sam to pay off.

At 6-foot-1, 200-pounds - he isn't going to be able to play pro.

Well, sometimes you make your own luck. Good luck Kriss.

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