Monday, April 09, 2012

Obama 2012's Diversity Problem

I know it isn't Thursday ... but this is an election year.

So, as any Navy PAO will tell you - pictures are important. Personally, I like unscripted pictures as they give a better view than cleverly posed pictures.

Via Buzzfeed we have some nice pictures of the Obama 2012 campaign staff. Does it "look like America" as everyone in the Diversity Industry and the Justice Dept. Civil Rights division says we all need to?

Using the superficial standard of the Diversity Industry - the most mindless concept of diversity, "looking" - I can clearly identify in the 2012 pic 47 people. 32 male and 15 female. 44 ~white, 3 ~Asian. Zero of sub-Saharan African extraction. Of course as anyone can be "Hispanic," I can't give you that number.

Why is President Obama's America 93.6% white and 6.4% Asian? Why is it only 31.9% female? Leading from the front, or "do as I say, not as I do?"

Which is it?
UPDATE: Another reason to read CDRSalamander first thing every AM: the rest of the media will have to catch up to you. The Daily Caller and Washington Free Beacon are on the hunt.

No hat tip for 'ole Sal ... but we know ...

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