Thursday, April 12, 2012

Diversity Thursday

Remember a few years ago - because they said they, ahem, didn't want to promote "fat bodies" (sizeism!) - they brought back the picture for promotion boards?

Well - in what is actually a very good Top-10 for those joining the civilian workforce; this caught my eye.
Mistake 7: Including a picture on the resume.

Solution: Leave off all pictures. In the United States, this information could be considered discriminatory.
Mistake 5: Including any information that would specifically lead a reasonable person to know from a resume the applicant's race, color or religious affiliation.

Solution: Leave off all information of any group or award that specifically reveals your race, color or religious background. This background is a hot potato for an employer and could cause them to immediately eliminate the resume from consideration.
.... and what do we emphasize on our promotion boards and/or the out-brief?

Your picture and your race/ethnicity.


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