Tuesday, December 28, 2010

When the axe starts to fall ...

It is coming: the budget wars of the next two decades will be like nothing this nation has seen in living memory.

The initial battle lines are being drawn. How are things starting to look? What is the slowest Wildebeest in the DOD herd?

We're talking about it over at USNIBlog. Join us.


Retired Now said...

Oh, all right.   Go ahead and just DO it.   It's inevitable and we all know it.

Solution to DoD budget ?

Re-combine the Army and the Air Force (again) and make them all wear just the same (one) uniform. Again.

This solution should work.  It's as good as anyone in Washington DC will ever come up with.

LT B said...

Will that force the AF to budget for operations and not golfing?