Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Funnies

Even though they used one incorrect flag due to a weak spine and excessive sensitivity, this is very clever.

Check it out in full.

Hat tip AT1.


ewok40k said...

lol... and btw thoday is:
THE talk like pirate day!
Yarr! Rum for everyone!

Grandpa Bluewater said...

Talk like a pirate? 

Is that like: "Don't shoot, don't shoot, we surrender, we want a lawyer, no please don't kill me (oh, gross Abdul, I'm trying to negotiate here). We surrender, ppppplease don't shoot American sailor, errr, Marine (sorry, sorry, sorry, thousand apologies, my mistake, sorry, sorry, we surrender.......& etc)?

xformed said...

While Abdul ez:  "Dude!  I couldn't help myself, I saw that Easter demotivational poster by the three head shot Americans."

Casey Tompkins said...

I always enjoyed this one: what if WW2 was an online RTS?

Note: some language somewhat NSFW.

ewok40k said...

well, there are actually plethora of WW-2 related RTS, and I'm sure quite a few CIV scenarios for multiplayer...