Thursday, September 23, 2010

Diversity Thursday

Who is running the USNR and when can someone buy him a subscription to a newspaper.

We are a Navy at war, right?

We are short of money to have the Reserves support the warfighter, right?

ADSW money is hard to come by .... especially for, say, 334 days - right?

We wouldn't want to spend that much money on a LCDR whose job will be to actively discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color or national origin - would we?

From: ADSW, ADT, MOB officer opportunities on behalf of [redacted], Kedrick
Sent: Mon 9/20/2010 [redacted] AM
Subject: Navy City Outreach Coordinator

1. Supported Command Point of Contact: CAPT Ken [redacted], ken.[redacted], (703) 695-[redacted]; Ms. Stephanie [redacted], stephanie.p.[redacted], (703) 695-[redacted]

2. Advertised Position Title: Navy City Outreach Coordinator - Los Angeles

3. Supported Command/Location: CHNAVPERS, Washington, D.C.

4. Rank/Rate: Lieutenant Commander (O-4), any designator.

5. Number of Positions: 1

6. Start Date: 01 NOV 10

7. Number of days:
334 days

8. Clearance Required: None

9. Type of Orders: ADSW

10. MPN-09-22-2592-0021

11. Description of the Requirements or Tasks to be performed: The Navy City Outreach Officer is responsible for all Navy outreach efforts for Chief of Navy Personnel (CNP) Diversity Directorate. The officer will build positive awareness of the organization and its scholarship programs within local communities, especially within the education community and among community and business leaders. Responsibilities will include:
* Manage CNP Diversity Directorate, education community partnerships.
* Build enduring and lasting relationships with local high schools, community colleges, community-based organizations, and other groups that work with potential Navy accessions candidates.
* Identify and attend college and career fairs, visit community and business leaders, and school districts in
designated diversity market.
* Plan, coordinate, and conduct offsite information sessions for prospective NROTC candidates at various venues (self initiated and
by invitation).
* Assist the Diversity Directorate to plan, coordinate, and organize the Navy's participation in local professional and affinity group events such as conferences, seminars, festivals and national holy days. Coordinate senior officer visits to these events.
* Provide general information about Naval Service Training Command, scholarship programs, and admission requirements and distribute marketing and application materials to prospective students or referral sources.
* Set up and staff information tables at high schools, community colleges, businesses and other select venues.
* Build and maintain a strong pool of qualified prospective NROTC candidates.
* Build and maintain a Navy Network team (consisting of local Naval Academy representatives, Blue Gold Officers, Recruiting Districts, NROTC units, Navy Operational Support Centers, and various
Navy Enterprise Diversity Officers) to develop and implement targeted recruitment strategies to increase diversity candidates for scholarship program.
* Contribute to the overall success of CNP's Diversity Directorate by participating in the
development of the accessions plan, actively participating in Diversity Directorate meetings and by representing Chief of Naval Personnel in the local community.
* Collect and analyze statistical data in order to enhance outreach activities and yield strategies and provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports of actual performance versus targets.
* Position involves heavy Flag and SES-level interaction.

12. Special Travel Considerations or Conditions:
Member must be a resident of the Los Angeles area and have an established network of business, community and academic leaders.

13. Additional Remarks: Member should contact POC immediately as this requirement needs to be filled ASAP.
Did you catch that?

Read para 12 again.

If there was ever a case of narrow-casting and ADSW job discription for a single individual, this has to be one. What is the fraud, waste and abuse hotline again?

Oh, there it is.


John said...

No doubt at all that the fix is on on this billet and some favored individual (probably with a civilian job inthe diversity industry or rotten LA school system) is going to get it as soon as they pretend to apply for it.

As bad as the favoritism is, the worst part is that the job even exists at all.

I think the money would be better spent if given to ACORN.  At least they get real, albeit crooked, work done.

Add those POCs to the list of people to be fired and billets to be deleted if and when some flags get a clue and put warfighting back on our "to do list."

sid said...

The modern USN:

We Are Too Good To Fight!

Warfighting on the to do list?

I thought it was all about getting to that O-5 or better retirement pay and those cushy post retirement gigs.

(btw, my little piss ant bit of company pension will be headed the way of the dodo at the first of the month...)

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think outreach of this sort ought to be no more than a collateral duty, not a full time job.  I've gone to college fairs and made nice nice with prospective candidates...when my schedule permitted.

KhakiPants said...

Wait, wait, let me get this straight. One of the parts of the job is to actively decide which NROTC candidates will and will not be invited to attend information sessions?

So, uh, now we've created what is essentially a recruiting position that refuses to even talk to certain applicants? On what basis can a recruiter refuse to even talk to someone without first ascertaining anything about their character?

For shame...

kmadams85 said...

I think you're partially wrong about cost, Phil.  The officer selected for this ADSW position may have some warfare designation, which would imply some level of skill in that warfare area.  While on ADSW, the officer is unavailable to train for said warfare mission, and will miss a complete active-duty for training cycle.  He will also be unavailable for assignment to billets in reserve units which could be mobilized, denying his skills and experience to a potential warfighting requirement.  He will not be able to take advantage of the monthly warfare training opportunities, causing his skills in that warfare area to atrophy.
This is a significant opportunity cost - not only in the specific instance described, but throughout the Navy.  If we can't keep warfare qualified people in warfare billets, and trained to execute those warfare missions on short notice and with great effect, then why the hell do we have them?

MR T's Haircut said...

Must also know Rep Maxine Waters...

Joey Gish said...

Sorry - gotta clarify the facts.  Reservists CAN be and HAVE BEEN involuntarily mobilized out of ADSW billets...but this tends to be controlled by individual "managed" communities (e.g. EDO, Intel).  RESFOR says they will do this too for the general MOB pool (unaware if currently happening though).
ADSW has the potential to provide better training for the sailor than the 12 days of AT or ADT combined...IF the job they are going to is salient to their rating/designator.  This one of course, isn't (unless perhaps the person is a recruiter).

JAV said...

Amazing. My regimental size reserve command just got our ADOS budget for FY 11-suffice to say it is less than 2/3 what will take to keep the LCDR on for a year. To split between the HQ and all subordinate units. Yet we are expected to be an "operational reserve", ready to go at any time. Too bad we don't have the staff to prepare to do so.

cdrsalamander said...

Warfighting is icky.  It is much better to spend money on people to build PPT slides in order to brief racialist policies to the CNO so he will feel better that he was born a privaleged white man.

Get your priorities straight.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Warfighting IS icky.  Things get dirty, sometimes broken. 

Worst of all, it is the leaders with the personal qualities that we hate most (demand for performance, aggressiveness, decisiveness, uncompromising) that tend to do well.  And, well, they don't always LIKE everybody and they rarely participate in self-esteem training.

Worse, they sometimes drink, say bad words, and even smoke!  And they are NOT very concerned about hurting peoples' feelings. 

NOT the kind of people we want in the Global Force for Good!

Homeslice said...

What is extremely odd about this job posting is that it is coming from the Director of Navy Personnel, OPNAV N1, the manpower manager of the Navy. You would think that if they valued this type of work, they would create and fund a billet in LA to support the "required" work, yet those manpower managers cannot find the funding for an undesignated O-4 Billet to meet the need without resorting to using the ADSW slush fund which allows them to not manpower manage to meet a need or killing an O-4 billet that they own elsewhere. The problem is that everything is a zero sum game for them and everyone else who owns billets in the Navy, and they do not have the ability optimize a finite force without giving up something equally valuable inside their own billet base so the only solution is tapping the slowly vanishing ADSW slush fund. 
Take Care,

DM05 said...

Fraud, waste and abuse apparently doesn't apply to anything diversity wise. CNO said so ... must be true. Truly, what a continued waste of tax dollars (leans over, spits, straightens himself, and vomits after deadening the senses with too many rum cola's)

OldRetSWO said...

Phil is correct.  This is money and requirement from CNP, CNR just provides the "Want Ad" system and potentially the person.

sid said...

Get your priorities straight.


Phil said...

Fair point.  Was not talking about indirect (or opportunity) costs, but true.  Just talking about the big buckets.  Opportunity costs are truly a whole other matter...for sure.

By the way (for those who might be unaware), most Reserve Units are not involuntarly mobilized.  Most of the Reserve OCO (GWOT) support comes in the form of Individual Augmentees, vice Units (like in Army).  However, a significant amount of "Operational Support" comes in the Unit form, and several units (like NMCB "units") do mobilize. Additionally, many mobilized units come in the form of large ad hoc units.

I can go on forever on this, as my last two jobs (I am an HR Officer) was in ADSW Policy and now in Individual Augmentation. In a sense, I at the nexus of these two areas. 

Your points are accurate...the decision in determining whether a requirement is valid or not is not an exact science, for sure.  That is one thing I have learned in my time here.  In the end, people make the decisions and are fallible.

However, I love getting "real" , objective, differently focused points of view from those not within the beltway (like I am).  This is why I read this blog, actually.

Thanks for your feedback
Won't bore you with more... :)   

Phil said...

Joey Gish,

Every once in awhile we switch someone from ADSW to mob, sometimes in the same real "requirement", even though the formal requirements are different. 

Additionally, in some communities, folks cannot be accepted as an ADSW fill without community approval first (like Supply, Intel, etc.).  This was the case a few years ago; I would imagine it is even tighter now, especially for Low Supply/High Demand skillsets.

Thanks for the post!

Redeye80 said...

So, I gather from your comment you would rather see an Active Component (AC) officer fill this position.  Good idea to pull an AC officer from his war fighting billet.

Good or bad, the billet will be filled, pick your poison.

Curtis said...

well, you're just a reservist and would only screw it up so better we spend the money on the important things... :)

i'm a reservist too, just kidding but how often have I seen that expressed?

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Somehow, apparently, Reservists don't actually FIGHT when they fight, or get KILLED when they get killed.  Yep.  Heard that jazz a lot.  Mostly from guys who never left the wire.