Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Understanding the "Whole Navy" concept

.... and your place in it.

From our favorite ET1 and crew that bought you "Hey Shipwreck." More to come.

They also produced the Navy recruiting add that should run during the Super Bowl. Yes, I am serious.

You want to get an approving nod from 16-19yr old young males (that is your primary source BTW)? Well -- there you go.
The Navy needs ABHs as well as ETs.

Hat tip TSSBP.


John said...

Works great for me!
USN should buy air time... at least for the first one....

DeltaBravo said...

The only thing better than humor is INTELLIGENT humor!  :-D

Oliver said...



dc said...

I love what this guy does in his videos, makes me feel at home again. 

(I too, was a recruiter in the mid 80's and I got more kudo's for getting a minority cat 4 into RM "A" school than a caucasian Cat 1 into the AW pipeline.)_