Saturday, January 16, 2010


If you want good politics, you need good politicians. Now and then, one of the good ones comes forward. They need your support.

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Heading into the home stretch with about two weeks to go before the election! We've picked up momentum, are gathering more volunteers, and have run a fiscally conservative campaign.

Running all the way up to February 2nd, we will spend every dime on messaging and not one cent on staffing or professional canvassing firms (although I have to stop joking with the core team that they are my "highly paid" advisers! They may get the wrong idea, heh).

Our message has been well received. My delivery tends to be a bit stern and serious, but, well, you all should know by now that's just me. And Illinois and this country are in the midst of some of the greatest challenges we've faced - morally and financially - in decades. People want serious individuals to run for office. At the beginning I was discounted as an outsider and now I am taking votes away from the insiders because I'm the serious contender. I'm also a man of my word and won't stoop to vague references in order to respond to questions without saying anything of substance.

Many of you friends have written to express concern that I don't let politics change me. I won't. I'm the guy who has stood up to the media when I could have cut a deal or taken a job with them. I'm the guy who chose to help wounded vets from behind the scenes rather than use them for a political agenda or my own needs. I don't need this job and this is not my career. I want to serve my neighbors and my kids the best I can.

I may not be the most charming candidate. I am not the best spoken, or the most connected, or have the most money or have the best name recognition. But, I am the candidate who is relentless in approach and work ethic. I'm the one who won't stop until the job is done.* "All the Way" is not motto, it's a commitment.

If you would like to help, you can go to this page to donate or see the district and tell your friends in Chicago's near west suburbs to vote for me.

I won't let them down.


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