Thursday, January 28, 2010

Diversity Thursday

Something came up last month that tied in to an unrelated item. Call this a potpourri DivThu.

Again, 97% of the trolls that spaz-n-flail in comments, and about the same percentage of the hate-email I receive, come as a result of the fact that I choose to speak out here against discrimination.

As their logic goes, if you oppose discrimination in all forms based on race, creed, color, or national origin - then of you must be a racist. Because you refuse to see race in everything, you are a racist.


Anyway, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

Much of that comes from the toxic environment the Diversity Industry has created - and environment that does not allow anything but strict adherance to diktat. The AGOTUS thinks we are
cowards in discussing race. He is closer than he thinks, and in a fashion I agree with him. The reason is that the Diversity Cult does nothing but smear and attack without any checks and balances. As a result, we have gone from promoting equality and equal opportunity (good) to promoting discrimination and equal outcomes (bad) - and good people who have families to support keep their heads down and push through hoping that it won't affect them.

From the
TelegraphUK, talking about the politics of it well - I think this is an accurate observation.
So what happened to treating people not "by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character"? Ironically, Martin Luther King Day will be marked across the country tomorrow but this dream of King's is not being fulfilled.

American politicians have got themselves into a real bind. They have to fret constantly about race but cannot talk honestly about it.
It isn't just politicians. It is everywhere. Even in the Navy - even with the Chaplains.

We focus on race so that it trumps all - even if it has nothing to do with anything.
The deputy chief of chaplains is being denied a second star and assignment as chief of chaplains and will instead retire after the Navy’s inspector general found that he “reprised against” his former executive assistant during a captain’s selection board.
In March 2007, that officer — who is black, but a gender was not provided — made an equal opportunity and hostile work environment complaint against Baker.

Rear Adm. Frank Thorp, chief of information, would not describe the complaint in any detail, and said he did not know the two chaplains’ religion.

Thorp said the unnamed officer, Baker and several others in the office met because of the complaint, after which Baker signed a memo stating he’d be fair during any selection board hearings regarding the accusing officer.
As we all know - to survive an accusation like that can only result because the claim was bogus and unsubstantiated to the point the complaint was deemed baseless. Otherwise - the second part of the story would never take place.
Because of his comment at the selection board 11 months later, “The Naval Inspector General concluded that during board deliberations, Rear Admiral Baker had violated the Military Whistleblower Act,” Thorp said.

CDR B was not one of the eight O 5 chaplains selected for promotion.

Thorp said the officer was later informed by someone present at the selection board that Baker had made a comment regarding leadership ability.

A summary of the Navy IG report states, “One unrestricted line board member stated that she recalled being ‘taken aback’ by a comment that RDML Baker made “concerning leadership in connection with the record of an African American officer” who worked for him.
OK .... and what does his race have anything to do with the comments in question? Well, from all reports I have heard, nothing. Perhaps he did something wrong, but race had nothing to do with it - except to those who use race in everything.

So, why does his race even get mentioned - twice? Simple - it can be - and when it is; everyone goes silent.
According to the CNO’s memo, CDR B was subsequently selected for promotion to captain by the fiscal 2010 selection board.
Mission accomplished. As always, if I am wrong - email me the details.


UltimaRatioRegis said...

Precisely the Diversity Industrial climate that brought you USNA Color Guard, dual-track admissions standards at the academy, NROTC "diversity" advising, an F-14 with pilot and backseater in the drink, Major Nadal Hasan, Holly Graf, Part I (WSC) and Holly Graf, the sequel (Cowpens). 

Grumpy Old Ham said...

Don't forget Kelly Flinn...

Anthony Mirvish said...

We can't talk honestly about gender either.  So why is it any surprise that we can't talk honestly about Islam in the WOT (or in domestic terrorist attacks) or  shipbuilding or the LCS or anything "controversial."  It's all part of the same disease.

Grandpa Bluewater said...

Sometimes I think this outfit needs a good defeat at sea. Sometimes....

Anthony Mirvish said...

If things keep up this way, that's what we're going to get.

Largebill said...

Any discipline for the officer who violated the sanctity of the board? 

xformed said...

Concur.  We can't hurt anyone's feelings any longer, despite they need to be hurt.  *On the soapbox* The "self-esteem" NEA/pre-college education mafia movement has brought their "everyone has to feel good all the time" philosphy to the workplace.

xformed said...

Probably not, because they were just righting a "wrong." All other secrecy (while I have long thought was un-leaderlike behavior - You either are all in on your decisiaons, or you're a wimp) the closed doors sessions exude, has always been explained a necessary for the process.  Here...situational ethics at work.