Thursday, January 07, 2010

Diversity Thursday

When do Diversity Bullies stop just being retrograde irritants and become a bit more dangerous?

Well, there are a few things we know about Diversity Bullies. First, they are not fact-based thinkers. Second, they like to get their noses in anywhere and everywhere they can - job security, you know. From the NYT,
The infighting among the federal officials in charge of the Savannah River Site, a federally owned nuclear site in South Carolina that won one of the country’s biggest pots of stimulus money, is so severe that it threatens to undermine public confidence in their work, a federal watchdog warned Thursday.
The watchdog, the Department of Energy’s inspector general, conducted a wide-ranging inquiry into a host of accusations that have been swirling ever since relations between the department officials who work at the site and those who oversee them from Washington broke down last summer. The resulting report was inconclusive about many of the specific accusations that had been made, but highlighted what it called an “unusual level of distrust and acrimony” among officials in charge of the highly contaminated nuclear site.
The public summary report, posted Thursday on the department inspector general’s
Web site, noted that officials who were interviewed described their colleagues in “highly personal and often derogatory terms.” It expressed special concern that some witnesses at the South Carolina site had raised questions of racism, while others suggested that there was “reverse discrimination” at work.

The racial issues raised were not further explained in the summary report; the full report was kept secret.
Let's dig into the report - what there is of it.
It is vital that the Site be managed by both Headquarters and local officials in a manner which ensures public confidence and credibility. Yet, we encountered witnesses who testified that there was confusion as to lines of authority, responsibility and accountability; poor internal communications; a lack of coordination; failure to share essential information among key officials; and, insufficient follow-up on critically important issues and decisions. These factors appeared to have contributed to an unusual level of distrust and acrimony. Some witnesses described their colleagues and the actions of their colleagues in highly personal and often derogatory terms. Of perhaps the greatest concern, were the issues raised about racism and reverse discrimination.
Where things have reached the point that the phrase "reverse discrimination" even makes it into a Federal document - you know the Diversity Bullies have been very busy. Very busy.
In September 2009, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) received multiple allegations concerning improprieties by a senior official with the Office of Environmental Management. The allegations involved potential violations of political activity restrictions, lack of impartiality in performing official duties, misuse of position, and other related misconduct. Specific allegations concerned:
1. Orchestrating a $9 million American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) payment to certain Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in return for something of value on behalf of a Member of Congress;
3. Ordering Savannah River Federal and contractor officials to access subcontractor personnel files for data mining of demographic information in violation of the procedures for protecting personally identifiable information;
4. Directing Savannah River contractor officials to conduct Recovery Act-related job fairs in those counties represented by a Member of Congress in violation of the Hatch Act and Standards of Ethical Conduct; and,
5. Directing Savannah River contractor personnel to hire three specific individuals contrary to contract law principles.
Funny - #1 is something I have had many Potomac Flotilla personnel tell me is exactly why Diversity is the #1 Priority by the CNO. Where is our IG on that?

Well, the Diversity Industry has been very busy ... and the ES of the report linked above finds one thing - someone is lying.
In short, regarding many of the events and activities which were key to the allegations, witnesses’ testimony was conflicting and irreconcilable. Perceptions, interpretations and recollections of these events as well as views on the intent of the individuals involved varied dramatically.
Non-judgmental, I guess. An investigation that finds out nothing? Hmmm .....

There is an understory here - one that you can almost smell by what is NOT in the recommendations. If someone from Savannah River wants to tell it here - get in touch with me.

One thing I know about nuclear power trained people - the only thing they hold an ounce of bigotry against is stupidity. Always seeking the goal of
Alpha-UberGeek? Sure. Racists? No. Victims of racism by those who don't like the fact that non-Hispanic Caucasians and Asians are over-represented in the nuclear field? Perhaps.

Diversity Bullies mucking up the waters around nuclear safety. Joy.

Hat tip HSN.

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