Thursday, January 14, 2010

Diversity Thursday

Why are people suspicious of every program that comes down the line when it comes to recruiting? Well - for starters many are convinced that the Diversity Bullies somehow have their fingers in it all.

Odds are, those people are right. It doesn't matter if it was the Diversity Bullies' idea or not, they will get their fingers in any area that they can use to promote their race-based, divisive agenda and secure their position in the Diversity Industry. Job security and empire building are critical warfare sub-specialties, you know.

Funny, with each passing example they remind me more and more of the old Soviet Political Officers. Didn't matter if the Political Officer was just a LT or LCDR - CDR, CAPT and Admirals would worry and fret every time they had to interact with them - you never knew you might say or do the wrong thing - or worse, someone could accuse you of it. Next thing you know, for no reason you have orders to some place isolated and cold - you know, like Great Lakes.

Behold the fetid spew of official sectarianism

Sent: Monday, January 11, 2010 15:35

Captains, Commodores, and Commanding Officers,

Airboss recently sent out the latest NROTC Flag Officer and Squadron Sponsorship program instruction to all his Aviation Flag officers. I have attached this document in case you haven't seen it yet so you are aware of the match between Flag Officers, Squadrons, and their NROTC units.

I would recommend that you have your squadrons engage with the Flag Officers that are assigned to the same units to look to see if they would like to coordinate with them on a possible visit or other Aviation related event that the unit may be having in the near future.

Once your squadrons have engaged with the NROTC units, I would ask that you have them also include us here in the Diversity Directorate in their reply back to CNAF (via enclosure 2), so we can help to improve the process as much as possible.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help in this process in the interim.

Very Respectfully,

Force Diversity Director
(619) 545-[REDACTED] (W)
(904) 316-[REDACTED] (C)

I am sure Dana is a good officer doing what we all do/did - carry out our orders to the best of our ability. I wonder if he knows though the pedigree of the debunked and corrosive philosophy he is supporting?

It is amazing when you see how far the Diversity Industry and its Navy Branch have warped otherwise clear thinking professionals. We have
Flag Officers showing pimping their integrity at blatantly sectarian events - as corrosive to a diverse nation's unity as they are rife with the usual ethnic self-identification fraud.

Oh, and on that last point - a person very close to me just reclassified her child as Hispanic. Know how she did it? Walked down to the school and told them to. No questions - no documentation. From the North Sea to the Alboran Basin in one short trip.

Amazing - after a decade, you can change your ethnicity. Know why she did it? Simple - she wanted her child to be eligible for special scholarships THAT SHE COULD NOT GET NOW BECAUSE OF HER ETHNICITY. Yep, 2010 going on 1950.

Many in my family, including your humble blogger, have
unique teeth characteristics of their American Indian ancestry - what do you think we should do .... what do you think hundreds of thousands of people are doing?

On a slightly more serious note ..... and if you don't think the Diversity Industry is full of those who are not interested in a nation where all are considered equal and befitting equal rights - well take this jewel onboard.

The following is sad - especially as we move towards MLK weekend when we should reflect on "... content of their character and not the color of their skin ..." - not to mention equality under the law for all Americans.

In of all places, the Justice Department, a truly good man is being punished for doing just that.

I want you to listen to the whole thing so you can see what the political appointees are doing to this man - but here is the strength of his argument.
... all persons are protected from discrimination or intimidation regardless of their race is that fair enforcement of the VRA is important for its very survival. America is increasingly a multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural society. For such a diverse group of people to be able to live and function together in a democratic society, there have to be certain common standards that we are bound by and that protect us all. In fact, as we become more diverse, it is even more important that our national standards of non-discrimination are enforced by the federal government.

One of these most basic standards is equal protection under the law. When that is violated, America does not live up to the true meaning of its creed. When it is followed, the country functions the way it was intended to. For the Department of Justice to enforce the Voting Rights Act only to protect members of certain minority groups breaches the fundamental guarantee of equal protection, and could substantially erode public support for the Voting Rights Act itself.

My fourth reason for this kind of law enforcement is very simple: Selective enforcement of the law, including the Voting Rights Act, on the basis of race is just not fair and does not achieve justice.
Sad but, if you apply his ideas to what we do in the Navy - you will be professionally destroyed. Until we have a 4-star that is willing to state, "We will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, or national origin in the Navy." and lead from the front to defend the goodness of their Navy as opposed to smear it with the innuendo of its enemies - then we will continue to order officers to act in a way that is no different at its core than those who threw on a hood or stood in the way of a school house door.

Bigotry is bigotry. Right now - the Navy stands on the side of bigotry; once again, to our great shame.

Back to the start - why is Dana interested in this? Simple - intentionally or not, he is putting everyone on notice that the Diversity Bullies are tracking who is supporting what. That they know where the majority of the preferred races and ethnic groups are - and who is supporting them. After all, that is their job. If your efforts do not focus on their preferred ethnicities, they will "help you" "improve your efforts."

If you want to be seen in a good light, you must show your enthusiasm for bias in your actions. Do not claim innocence - Big Navy is watching your Diversity focus. Choose wisely.

Again, shame.


MR T's Haircut said...

No problem.  Flood the Zone... I AM SPARTACUS... I will be Pacific Islander on one survey and I will be Native American on another. 

No problem.

LT B said...

<span style="">"Once your squadrons have engaged with the NROTC units, I would ask that you have them also include us here in the Diversity Directorate in their reply back to CNAF (via enclosure 2), so we can help to improve the process as much as possible."  </span>
<span style=""></span>
<span style="">All due respect CDR Dana [Redacted], I would ask that you let me do my job and trust in my adherence to Navy Core Values of Honor, Courage, Commitment to help improve the process.  </span>
<span style=""></span>
<span style="">How many of this ilk do we have?  Force Diversity Drictor?  A CDR?  How much money are we crapping down this rat hole?  We got the memo that they are looking to reduce funding to MIW and ASW stuff.  Are we reducing funding to the Political Officers?  We fought the cold war and ended up w/ this mess?   I am w/ MTH, I was born a poor Black child.  I will now write it as such on all of my paperwork.  We have lost our way, our senior leaders lack courage and we gain nothing by doing this.  Yes, yes, I know that Congress wants us to go against the document we are sworn to support and defend, so we sell our souls to the diversity devil, and STILL lose funding while also losing credibility, tradition and culture.  Hey, it's ok, we have new Smurf uniforms and a brand new ethos after 230+ yrs of what must have been sheer confusion.  How did we ever survive?  </span>

AW1 Tim said...

Two comments.

  One of the unexpected consequences of letting American Indian tribes have an exemption from gaming laws is that anyone who can prove any sort of connection to their tribe, however tenuous, can now be classified as Indian and join in the monetary success. Lots and lots of pretty pale indians running casinos these days.

  AS I have commented earlier, I have begun to list both myself and my youngest daughter as African-Americans wherever that box is available for checking. Since scientists claim that EVERYONE alive is descended from a single woman in Africa, it follows, logically, that I am an African-American, no?  I mean, either scientists are correct, which they must be, because that theory is being taught in ALL our public schools, or something is wrong with the "out of Africa" theory (which I believe is the case.

   Regardless, as long as the Diversity Zampolits are running the show, I'll be taking advantage of the offerings to the greatest extent possible. If it happens to muddy up the numbers, well, whose fault is that, really?


UltimaRatioRegis said...

Wonder what the diversity industry will make of this?

Andrewdb said...

O/T (well, maybenot) - article in the Nov/Dec 09 Military Review on how "mentorship" is not consistent with Army Values.  See here:

Interesting article, and interesting they would run it.

Andrewdb said...

And the result of this is tribes "cleaning the rolls" to cut down on the number of people sharing the wealth.  They could teach old regime South African's something about racial counting.

LT B said...

Having been what I went through, I make that female genitalia makes for special treatment.  Nothing more, nothing less.  I wonder what she did to get a cruelty charge?  I'd say commanding her crew were the NWU (Combat Smurfs) would do it for me!

Quartermaster said...

Many tribes have a blood quantum requirement. For the Eastern Cherokee it's 1/16, iirc. You also have to be able to trace your ancestry to the 1924 Baker roll. The Cherokee Nation in OK, no blood quantum is required, but you have to be able to tace your ancestry to the Dawes Roll.

You get all sorts of appearances as a result. Several in my section look white. One guy is 9/64 Cherokee and looks as white as I do.

One of the California tribes look to be quite black, and they disenrolled half the tribe to get the per cap distribution up. The casinos are a source of corruption in Indian Country, and corruption is, alas, endemic and threatens Indian sovreignty, in the long run. some, like the black tribe, aren't Indian at all. They simply conned the BIA into recognition.

Oliver said...

That's what the answer from the fleet to CDR Dana should be: