Thursday, January 14, 2010

Episode 3 - Preparing for the multi-polar world

The best weekly Navy focused talk shows out there (because it is the only one); Midrats, Episode 3 is scheduled - here is the outline.
What does TR's world have to teach us a century later?
Join Phibian from cdrsalamander, Eagle1 from eaglespeak, and filling in for Galrahn from informationdissemination will be Bryan McGrath. Special guest will be author and Teddy Roosevelt scholar Commander Henry J. Hendrix, Jr., USN.
To frame the show's topic; when you look at the world's naval forces from the end of the Spanish American War through the beginning of WWI, you see a Naval operating environment that should have lessons for us now. While some think that a crowded, "contested commons" is something that needs ideas constructed from intellectual whole cloth - when you especially focus on the time frame from the Boxer Rebellion to the end of TR's Presidency in 1909, you see a ocean full of significantly effective naval forces including British, German, Japanese, French, a scrappy upstart from North America, and other minor players. Looking to the Indian and Pacific Ocean, this century will have a growing Indian, Chinese, - to a lessor extent South Korean, navy joining the established navies of Japan, Australia, and of course the smaller forces of Singapore and her neighbors. We are not in new territory - but well mapped territory. How do we adjust?
Visit the showpage and update your calendars....and think of your questions if you want to call in at (347) 308-8397.

If you want to go to the head of the line, make sure and email me the number you are calling from or let us know on the show chat that you are calling. If you have stage fright, you can ask question on show chat as well.

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Largebill said...


      Off topic, but any thoughts on the CO of the COWPENS who was canned for cruelty to HER crew?  Unlike most CO's that get fired, she is going to continue with her scheduled transfer to DC.  I don't know her, but it bugs me that it was reported as it was.  For Navy Times to report she went to admirals mast for cruelty without any details leaves the imagination to run wild.  What one person might call cruelty another may consider just a tough and demanding boss.

cdrsalamander said...

Until we know know more - not comment except I wish the new CO all the support he needs to fix the COWPENS and her crew.  Hopefully the new CO has an outstanding CMDCM and XO as that will be the it always is.

ewok40k said...

As international calls from here cost quite a penny, regrdless of what time difference would do to my sleep schedule, I'd like to ask:
Isn't it too easy in Asian-Pacific century to forget boring old Europe where farmer subsidies are most volatile element of politics? No news is good news somebody said, but isn't it too easy to write off area as secure and withdraw?
Russia is certainly hoping for such scenario because it leaves opportunity to use its legacy military potential to full effect (see Georgia).

cdrsalamander said...

You should get a Skype account.  I used it while in the 'Stan and it cost just pennies a minute.  Those us US Cents, not EuroCents ... so it gets affordable each and every day!

You may also be interested in coming up on chat during the show.  You can get there while the show is on via the showpage for that episode.

ewok40k said...

I shall consider that... anyway what zulu time/date is it on?

CDR Salamander said...

2200Z on Sunday.  Click the "Listen to Midrats" widget on the right side of the page for the details.