Friday, January 29, 2010

Episode 5 - The QDR Battlespace

Mark your Sunday calendars, it is time for Midrats with special guest Mackenzie Eaglen, Research Fellow for National Security at The Heritage Foundation.

We'll be back with our usual panel this week, with co-hosts EagleOne of EagleSpeak, and Galrahn of InformationDissemination.

At 5pm EST/1700R/2200Z join us for a review of the Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) we haven't seen yet (though we do have a draft). Sure, it is due out the 01 FEB - but why wait - what is the fun with that? The first half hour will be with our panel, and the second half of the show with Mackenzie Eaglen.

We'll focus on what should be the bold-faced-items that will come up in the QDR. You only get this chance every four years - don't miss your chance. To top it off, we'll try something different and take callers the entire hour - so no need to wait to get a word in edgewise - our call-in number will be (347) 308-8397.
UPDATE: If you missed it live, you missed a great show. Don't miss the opportunity to download or listen to the archive at the showpage, or as a podcast on iTunes.

To get it on iTunes, you can search for the podcast on iTunes, or simply click the "iTunes" button on the upper-right hand corner of the blog.


Eric Palmer said...

Darn. I'll be at work then (Australia). Look forward to the audio later.

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

You know, that 4 legged rooster is creepy. 

cdrsalamander said...

Don't miss it.  It was an outstanding show. Mackenzie Eaglen was a great guest.  Top shelf.

Jerry Hendrix said...

It was an outstanding show, had to miss it live due to a meeting with my tailor, but listened to the whole thing tonight and took some notes.  Mac was a great guest.

ewok40k said...

was unable to hear it due to local troubles (gas explosion in apartment block in the city, 5 people wounded) - just listened  to the recorded version
2 questions sprung to my mind
where are the minesweepers/minehunters?
ASW - is there a shortage of torps comparable to SM-3?