Thursday, November 19, 2009

OK, this LCS I will take....

You know I liked the LCS-I better than the mission-module-madness ..... and it looks like LCS-I has morphed into the cringe inducing Multi-Mission Surface Combatant .... that has morphed into what is showing up at the Dubai Air Show as the "Named by Captain Obvious" Surface Combatant Ship ...... which if you must give me something in a USA designed hull that is ready to go now and is smaller than a DDG-51 in order to meet the Frigate Gap ..... I'll take this over the uni-mission LCS any day.

...provides simultaneous Anti-Air, Anti-Surface, Anti-Submarine, Electronic Warfare and Special Operations support capabilities. ... is a high speed, highly maneuverable combatant capable of executing missions both in open ocean and near coastlines in all sea state conditions. The MMSC design uses the latest U.S. Navy technologies, allowing interoperability with U.S. and allied naval forces to participate on joint and coalition operations.

.... available in multiple configurations and is adaptable to meet the needs of naval forces around the globe. The international design features the proven Aegis combat system with the SPY-1F (V) radar and the MK 41 Vertical Launching System.

(click here for larger picture)

That ain't a Corvette - that ain't a Frigate - give it a larger gun and it would be a Pocket Cruiser.

For now though - what we have here is a smaller variation of the Spanish F100. This has inherent multi-mission capability. Can defend itself adequately and though a lot will have to be shoe-horned in - it is a tough 'lil uber-Corvette. Still a china doll with a glass jaw - but one that might get in a hit or two in a fight.

If you are going to force the LCS hull on me - then give it to me in this package. Sure, it will cost $1 billion+; but it is what it is and gets you more than a LCS + two mission-modules and logistics tail it needs ever could.

At least with this ship - if you send the CO and his Sailors in harm's way they will at least have the tools to be able to put up a fight against whatever comes their way.

Hat tip Mike.

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