Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, THAT forward paint locker

BrickMuppet came up with a post on KURAMA incident that caught my eye - and it wasn't just the picture.
The collision reportedly touched off a fire in the forward paint locker off Kurama which seems to have fared the worse of the two.

It is unclear how much of the damage was due to the collision vs the fire, but if paint thinner in sufficient quantity had a steady supply of air then the fire could have easily reached blast furnace temperatures. With the close proximity of the 5 inch magazines and the sheer intensity of the fire, the fact that the ship is pier-side rather than on the bottom is a testament to her damage control team.
It. Doesn't. Take. Much.

Here is the Damage Control puzzler puzzle of the day; ponder your paint lockers, their location, and what is near them - oh - and your DC teams.

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