Monday, November 02, 2009

Nation of laws vs. Nation of people

We are mostly familiar with the concept that a nation of free people results from a society run by laws, not run by people. A basic Common Law idea.

We often think of it in the larger sense - as in macro-national problems. We also need to see it at the micro-local issue, even down to your city government to the local school's PTA.

The rule of law keeps a society on an even keel. Though imperfect as all human things are - it smoothes out the edges and promotes civil, non-violent problem resolution. Slow and clunky at times - and blessedly inefficient, it is still the one things that keeps a civil society, well, civil.

Without fair, just, equal, enforced, and followed laws - things will always devolve to the use and abuse of power where those in a position of authority will exert their will regardless of fairness, justice, equality, or balance. There will not be a civilized discussion of issues - things will elevate until the thugs get their way through the surrender of their opponent - or escalated further towards the application of the police and/or mob power the thugs control.

They will do all they can to maintain their power, promote their positions - but nothing is more important to them than to keep their ego intact from those who might challenge its sense of self-importance derived from the possession of power; power great or small.

The smart are good at hiding the subversion of established law - be it the Constitution or the by-laws of the PTA. When the clever act, it is hard to see the Thugocracy in action.

However, when you have small-minded people, who wield their little power in a ham-fisted and clumsy manner, the tendency and methods of a Thugocracy are clear to see.

Another characteristic of a Thugocracy is that they will do anything to destroy someone who shows them for what they are. Anyone who stands up to them. They will do all they can to pressure you to back off. They will try to destroy you personally, professionally, and emotionally. They will come after your job, your wife, your children - trying to find your breaking point. It does not matter if you are right - you are "They." "They" must be destroyed because they disrupt "my" power.

If you want to see the Thugocracy in micro - go over to fellow milblogger CJ's place to see what I am taking about.

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