Thursday, November 12, 2009

Diversity Thursday

Via the Washington Examiner, this is what the folks in Annapolis are worried about as they spin their honor code into nothing and actively discriminate against unprotected classes.

For reasons only a sectarian can fully understand, they simply cannot cognitively deal with what would happen with a true meritocracy where race and ethnic neutrality was put into place.

What would happen? Well, those with the best qualifications, as defined for that position, would get in. Does it all have to be academic? Of course not - important - but not all. Should race be any factor in a multi-ethinc society characterized, gloriously I might add, with multi-race individuals? No - having race or ethnicity play any role in your selection is a cancer on any society - a fact proven everywhere from Belgium to Yugoslavia to Rwanda.

What if one ethnic group is over-represented? Who cares - what people want is the best qualified and performance potential. Works for the NBA, rugby, and spelling bees - nuclear engineers - why not the Navy?

Well - because the Diversity Bullies and their Diversity Industry co-religionists would be out of a job - and their true believers get the vapors when they see the below - they can't seem to be able to handle facts well.
The number of black and Hispanic students accepted into the Washington region's premier high school has dropped by more than half in the past five years, according to numbers from Fairfax County Public Schools.
Only six Hispanic students and eight black students earned acceptance to the class of 2013 at Fairfax County's Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, down from 12 black students and 19 Hispanic students for the class of 2009. About 480 students were accepted this year overall.
U.S. News and World Report ranks Thomas Jefferson, commonly called TJ, as the best high school in the nation. Its admissions process involves an academic test and an extensive review of the students' backgrounds, but does not incorporate race or ethnicity.
Fairfax County's Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Race; % admitted for the class of 2009; % admitted for the class of 2013
Asian; 32%; 54%
White; 53%; 36%
Black; 2% (12 students); 2% (8 students)
Hispanic; 4%; 1%
Multiracial; 6%; 6%

Montgomery Blair High School - Math, Science, Computer Science Magnet Program
Race; % admitted for the class of 2009; % admitted for the class of 2013
Asian; 61%; 57%
White; 31%; 31%
Black; 5%; 8%
Hispanic; 2%; 4%
These numbers have nothing to do with racism. They have everything to do with performance. When you are simply and objectively looking for the best potential, percentages of this self-identified group or that one will show themselves without any "institutional bias" based on race or ethnicity, and most likely they will not represent the percentages of the general population - just like the NBA and winners of spelling bees don't.

There will be differences - but they have nothing to do with what the Diversity Industry earns their paycheck about, not in 2009.

No, it has everything to do with what the control freaks have no control over; family, culture, social support. If that becomes our focus, then the Diversity Industry is out of a job - unless they expend their efforts holding public schools to a proper standard; that is where the fight will be won. I wouldn't hold my breath.

Look at those numbers again. So much for white skin privilege ... and I don't care. The Sailors I know would be more than happy to have a 60% Asian officer corps as long as they knew their job, evaluated them on performance fairly, and brought them, their Shipmates and their ship home in one piece.

What do we want in the Navy - the best qualified - or the right color chart? When it comes to leading men and women in a situation where their lives and the future of their nation is at risk - why do we have to ask the question?
Priorities, I guess.

No, the problem is much deeper and is beyond the Navy to address. Again, this has everything to do with public schools, culture, and families. A much more difficult - and uncomfortable subject.

I just wish as much effort was spent on that as there is on the cancerous self-licking ice cream cone that is Diversity.

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