Friday, November 13, 2009

Fullbore Friday

Fullbore outlook on service, sacrifice, and life.
Yarosh, now 27, spent more than two years in full-time treatment and rehabilitation at Brooke Army Medical Center, home of the Army’s only burn unit. A public affairs officer who had been contacted by Mitchell connected the two men.

Yarosh, who moved back to Windsor, N.Y., after his retirement in January, concedes he was a little uneasy when he sat for the portrait because he worried about how an artist, likely to be more liberal, might depict him. Still, Yarosh agreed because he thought having his portrait done would be “super cool.”

He sat for sessions over two days. Mitchell developed the basic outline during the sittings and took photos and video to complete the portrait later.

The artist, who makes his living in part by doing traditional commission work, said Yarosh’s injuries left the soldier without the typical landmarks — nose, ears and other features — that help an artist see a person’s character.

But somehow, “I felt it was done when I felt I could see his personality. Still, that’s a big mystery to me. I don’t know how it happens,” he said.

Yarosh was astonished when he saw the completed portrait.

“It was perfect. I couldn’t believe that he captured me,” he said. “It captures my pride. I’m proud of the way I look. I’m proud of the reason for the way I look.”

In his own words - even better.

....and yes - to find video you have to go to the French.

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