Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Lt. Col. Salamander, USAF (Ret)

If I were an USAF guy ... I would be all over this.

From Noah at WIRED;
You’d think men and women who handle heavy weapons, fly the planet’s most advanced airplanes, and take care of multi-million dollar equipment could be trusted to go outside at night without wearing a day-glo safety belt. The United States Air Force would beg to differ.

Instead, airmen are ordered to wear the reflective accessories from the late afternoon on. That goes for domestic installations, and for war zone bases, too. Just like the rule about puttering around at 25 miles an hour or less in your military vehicle.

The whole thing has got airmen pretty annoyed, as you can imagine. So about 2,900 of them have taken to Facebook to stage an informal, online protest against the safety belt regulation — and to make all kinds of fun of it. 400 folks have joined in the last day.
It is over 4,000 now.

If you have gone through Manas, Al Udeid or any of the USAF occupied territory, we have all had to grab one from the "barrel of belts."

Go to the Facebook site and at least check out the pics and photoshops -
they are pure gold.

My top three, but on a serious note - check out the caption

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