Thursday, October 29, 2009

Diversity Thursday II: Electric Boogaloo

Unintentionally for CNN methinks - this is a partially good report from CNN.

You can see the PC knee-jerk reaction and formula in action --- but I want you to listen to the Cadets West Point sent up. I am not sure the CNN reporter got it -- but what I hear is, "I am an individual and will not be run up as a token to satisfy your guilt."

Well, that is what Cadet Williams sounded like to me. Then again, she has the classic new immigrant ideal of, "I am me. Let me succeed on my own - I don't need your help or advice, get out of my way." I like her, a lot. Clone her too.

The two males gave off a, "I hate being treated like the pony in a dog and pony show - let me get back to class please."

Those are the young men and women that I am talking about. Unlike the belly-button picking Boomers and the Diversity/Grievance Industry - these men and women act like there is no institutional discrimination against minorities and would like to get on with gett'n on. That is good - because there isn't institutional discrimination against minorities.

Also of note is our buddy Professor Fleming at the end. Shame CNN wouldn't engage on what is going on at Annapolis. That is where the story is. I guess USNA gave them no access to MIDN.

That should tell you a fair bit. So should the fact that only CNN seems to think the numbers matter.

A little note to CNN. Non-Hispanic Whites make up 68% of the US population. Why is it shocking that 70% of the military is? That is well within the margin of error. When you add it racial self-identification "issues" and the fact that the artificial grouping of "Hispanic" includes a plurality of people who are more "White" than I am ---- the whole video is in a way funny to watch. OK, sad and pathetic to watch. Talk about something that is a a just world.

At the end of the video, I am a little concerned with the comment made by LTG Williams, USMC. He states, "I don't necessarily look at the body counts ... it's not something that we in leadership look at ..." I am sorry sir, but you need to talk to the CNO, the Diversity Directorate, BUPERS, Recruiters, and every person who has been forced to sit through a Diversity briefing.

Good googly moogly - all we do is go over the "body count." You loose a point in credibility when you say things like that. Just some friendly advice.

As for the Cadets - keep it up young men and women. You get the America I know, even if they are trying to force their racialist habits on you. Keep the Boomers, their outmoded racialist theories, and their fellow traveling race-hustlers from polluting your brain and rotting our culture.

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