Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MM1 and IT1 school Salamander

Ok, I might have to reassess my position on the Navy's new advertising campaign based on Fleet imput provided via Philip Ewing at Navy Times.
“Holy cow! This is getting really stupid. Why do we need to change our slogan again? I don’t think it describes the Navy at all,” said Machinist’s Mate 1st Class (SS/SW) Michael Dayton, stationed at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bangor, Wash.

Navy Times received 56 e-mails from readers, and all but six disliked the slogan.

Their reasons were many. Several sailors said they worried the new slogan was wrong for the Navy’s reputation as a combat force.

“This bumper-sticker jingle would look good on a flower-toting cart, but when an [aircraft carrier] that displaces over 100,000 tons pulls up off your coast, generally the thought is, ‘
Oh crap, the U.S. Navy is here,’” said Information Specialist 1st Class (SW/AW) Joshua Forman, of the 2nd Fleet Military Intelligence Operations Center.
I will consider myself counseled.

I picture another add. A series of short videos of your typical Taliban, Somali pirate, and perhaps a slightly Chinese looking fella or Bond villain with an expression like this saying in their native language (with English subtitles, of course).

"Oh crap, the U.S. Navy is here!"

That could be followed up by some mish-mash of "Bodies Hit the Floor" shots. ...... or sump'n.

IT1 Forman, trademark that phrase as soon as you can.

"Global Force for Good"? Feh. Maybe we need to balance that yin with some yang.

"Oh, crap, the U.S. Navy is here .... and they brought their little friends!"

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