Thursday, October 01, 2009

Starting the FY .... well .... different

Let's call it FY10, shall we? A new FY, a chapter for 'ole Phib.

I almost titled this "I know what I did this summer" - but naw. As many of you know already, I spent the summer fading away. I saw the elephant; it was time.

I retired.

It was told to me many years ago by a very wise man that when it is time to go, you will know - but only if you listen closely and hear it. If you can listen and are willing to hear it, then all will be well. Be full of pride and foolishness, and ignore it - then you will live in regret.

I could go on and on about why, how, and my reflections on what meaning it may or may not have .... but I have decided not to. In summary, I am not a
warrior monk. As such, that differential equation that is my life's decision making matrix starting to kick out a different answer awhile ago. That, along with the little voice, made my decision for me.

Outside my direct family, I love the Navy with a passion; leaving her direct service was not easy, but it was right.

Not easy to do in a time of war; but I deployed my last year on active duty; I ended strong. Irreplaceable until I left; then forgotten. As it should be.

I am at peace. I am happy with my decision. I have no regrets. I have nothing but thanks to my nation, the Navy, and those who I served with for the honor and privilege.

Where to now? Lordy, I just don't know.

What to do? Geeze .... more pondering.

Maybe time to rewind to
where I departed from many, many, moons ago. What was that, the first Reagan Administration?

But don't worry - I'll still blog.

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