Thursday, October 08, 2009

Diversity Thursday

Let's discuss a bit today something we have just briefly touched on in the past; racial self-identification abuse and misuse.

What got me started on this are two of the great leaders of Latin America right now: The President of Honduras and The President of Panama.

Their names?
Micheletti and Martinelli.

Yes, Italians make the best leaders in Latin America. I wish we had one too.

According to the Diversity Bullies though, what are they? In the Navy - Sailors with names like Micheletti and Martinelli would be classified as "White." However, those from Central America are "Hispanic" - I guess.

Is the issue here the language at birth? It must be. If it is - then why does Spanish (and I assume Portuguese as well) rank such special privileges in such a broad based manner? I know the answer, as the CNO does as well, but is that something that we should be proud of? Is that something worth selling some of your integrity for?

Let's do a little process thought here, shall we? Let's say the children of Micheletti and Martinelli became American citizens. Could they classsify themselves as "Hispanic" even though they come from an Italian family and are the children of the Chief Executive of sovereign nations? Why, yes they can. Will they get special consideration as being "Hispanic?" Why, yes they will. Will they get more special treatment than someone from the hills of southern Ohio and West Virginia? Yes they will. Will the Navy view them as more "desirable" than the son of a South Dakota farmer? Yes it will. Does it make sense? No, it does not.

Logic and sense are not the issues here. The issues are the maintenance and care of sectarianism and those who derive personal pleasure or professional growth from it.

Now to cut a bit close to the bone. Let's talk about the problem of self-identification in the Navy. Two real-world examples that I have linked to in the past are the worst offenders, via their high positions, that we have.

Before we go on - I am not saying that these gentlemen are committing fraud or are intentionally misleading anyone. I am sure they are wonderful, smart, committed, and talented leaders. They made Flag Rank - they did not get there by accident. They are both professionals to be admired. No question about that. The problem is that they have associated themselves with an artificial construct that is corrosive to themselves and the nation they serve.

The question here is the construct, again, of what is and is not a "Hispanic." Is it "Iberian-Americanism?" Is it just language at birth? It can't be culture, as a Mexican is not a Cuban who is not a Columbian that is unquestionably not a Brazilian.

No, it is, as we know, an artificial construct. It is an artificial construct that these gentlemen, for reasons they know best to themselves, have bought into. I believe that they truely do identify with the construct as "Hispanic" just as I identify with the construct of "Duck Hunter." There would be no problem with that if that identification was harmless. The issue is, it isn't. It isn't just the "The Race," Atzlan, and job preference FOD - no it is much more than that.

The problem is that the fact that they self-identify as a "Hispanic" has about as much to do with their qualifications and ability to execute their duties as my self-identity of "Duck Hunter." The bad part here is they receive special consideration as a "Hispanic" that "Duck Hunter" does not.

Why? Because:
1. It makes some people feel better that they are filling a need as outlined in debunked racialist theory
2. It validates the job of those in the Diversity Industry and their fellow travellers in the Grevience Industry.
3. It gets some in Congress who support the Diversity Industry and receive their campaign support off the Navy's a55 so they can try to concentrate their efforts on trying to maintain a Fleet.

Here are my two examples.

The first example is the now retired RADM George E. Mayer, USN. Here, check him out. No offense George, but if being born with warm waters near your door, seeing aircraft, and hearing Spanish every day makes you Hispanic - then you can make me one too.

Second is a lot worse, IMAO. I give you RADM
Patrick H. Brady, USN - still on active duty I believe.

RADM Brady's father was half-Hispanic. His family moved to Camp Springs, Maryland when he was six or so - suburban DC. He grew up in the DC suburbs.

Congrats - half the children of Navy Officers are now Hispanic.

That is all it takes. Think about that next time someone talks about "goals" and "demographics" and their "Hispanic" numbers. Ponder.

What makes one George or Patrick deserve to be treated different than another George or Patrick - simply based on what sectarian wedge they wish to associate themselves with?

If those of Italian extraction from Central America, from the very highest classes, can come to the USA and be part of a protected class - then why can't those of English, Jewish, German, and Japanese extraction also claim to be Hispanic?

If it gives them special consideration; why not?

Is that the type of spoils system - ripe for fraud and deceit - the type of system we want to weave into our culture? If so, what is the reason? In a zero-sum game - what lessons are your teaching? What examples are you setting?

Each Sailor should be judged on the substance of their qualifications and the content of their character. Anything else invites sectarianism, discrimination, envy, cynicism and divisiveness. Not a formula for success. History proves that out.

Once again - Morgan Freeman could make this all easier for us all; if we would listen to him.

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