Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What about @n@l bleaching?

Time to look at it one more time!
An updated Navy cosmetics policy effective Nov. 1 defines requirements for female Sailors who wish to undergo permanent cosmetic procedures.

Female Sailors may get permanent eyebrows, eyeliner, lipstick or lip liner starting Nov. 1, but only after submitting a request to their commanding officer and reviewing the costs and health risks associated with the procedures.

The requirements are spelled out in NAVADMIN 304/09, which updates the Navy policy on cosmetics for female Sailors. The message also includes a link to questions and answers about permanent makeup to help Sailors and their leaders make informed decisions.

A Sailor who elects such a procedure must pay for it herself, be prepared to take leave if necessary to recover and be available for shore-based medical care for two weeks following the procedure.

The updated cosmetic policy applies to new Sailors, including prior-service veterans, officer candidates and midshipmen and was expanded to reflect the changing norms of society.

"Due to the increasing popularity of permanent makeup, the update may increase the size of the recruitable population," said Lt. Cmdr. Heather Kline of Navy's Personnel, Plans and Policy Division. "It could also help with retention by providing an option for female Sailors to always look professional and feel good about themselves while saving money on cosmetic purchases."
This to me just seems like a case of someone being too afraid to say, "no" because they are afraid someone might think they are a mysogynist.

I am sorry - this policy is an insult to all females in the service. Just an insult.

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