Wednesday, October 28, 2009

When buzzwords become alive ..

I have a great idea. We should get rid of all VF (wait ... we did that ... make that VFA) squadrons. No, not the people and aircraft - but the name.

You see, in 21st Century, does the name "Fighter Attack Squadron" really capture what they do?

Of course not. You see, they must achieve air supremacy so, let's call them "Air Supremacy Squadrons." They should now be called "ASS." Get rid of "VAQ" and call them "Electromagnetic Effects Cohorts" or "EEC." VP can become "Maritime Awareness Associates" or "MAA."

We should get rid of Commander Naval Air Forces, and collect all those things involving aircraft the "Naval Air Corps."

New patches, t-shirts, nametags, stationary, and MSMs for everyone!

Why not - it makes as much sense as this "Bu11sh1t B1ngo" phrase being codified in OPNAVINST 5300.12 into another bubble of bureaucratic bramble and bloat.

What is the half-life of that pick from the phrase-of-the-month anyway? Yes, I understand the idea .... but so did Eisenhower.

I'm sorry - welding together the Spooks, weathermen, and computer/comm geeks together just dilutes each area.

I know, again, that I am in the minority here. But ..... it smells the same as welding together MIW and ASW. False economy.

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