Thursday, January 08, 2009

Eagle1 gets his Admiral

Focus on the last sentence - that is the key.
The U.S. Navy says one of its commanders will lead a new international force to battle pirates off the coast of Somalia.

More than 20 nations are expected to take part in the mission once it is fully under way later this month. The announcement Thursday by U.S. Navy officials in Bahrain did not list the countries participating, but said the force will be headed by U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Terence McKnight.

Merchant fleets have been calling for a stronger military response to pirates after a sharp escalation in attacks last year. At least 111 ships were attacked and more than 40 of them commandeered.

It is not clear whether the new anti-pirate force will have any expanded powers to battle pirates.
Hope and watch - looks like we are heading in the right direction.

From the press release.
"Some navies in our coalition did not have the authority to conduct counter-piracy missions," said Vice Adm, Bill Gortney, CMF Commander. "The establishment of CTF-151 will allow those nations to operate under the auspices of CTF-150, while allowing other nations to join CTF-151 to support our goal of deterring, disrupting and eventually bringing to justice the maritime criminals involved in piracy events."
Bingo. The failure of the whole "Global Maritime Partnership" (nee "1,000 Ship Navy") concept laid bare. This is a classic "opt-in" set up. Only a few will play varsity football - send the non-swimmers to the JV squad.

Hat tip LBG.

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