Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chap, didn't we date this chick in '86?

She may be 29 in 2009, but especially for some of us who ran in certain circles in the mid-80s - this chick sound VERY familiar.
New projects in the works. I am a freelance writer and novelist. I'm also an artist, working primarily in pen & ink, watercolors, and acrylics paints.

I adore eccentrics. You may raise your eyebrow at my choices of music, books, films, friends, lovers...I seek to surround myself with those who make art out of what could otherwise be a banal existance. Fuck the 9-5, fuck your subcultures and genres! I want magic, glitter, and renegade clowns. I want to entertain a fluctuating circus of reject intellectuals, vigilante mimes, street-opera chanteuses, self-made aliens, conspiracy theorists and anyone else who sees beauty in the bizarre like I do.
I'll have coffee and cigarettes with her at Village Inn at 3am any day - but still - not so earnest dear, even if I do like your play list. It's all been done before.

Life is shorter and more complicated than you think.

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