Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Calvin is back - an Hobbs ain't with him

I'm not on board with all this Calvinism - but I embrace his attitude. As a drink'n a& danc'n Baptist - I kind of like the cut of his jib.
What bothers Driscoll — and the growing number of evangelical pastors who agree with him — is not the trope of Jesus-as-lover. After all, St. Paul tells us that the Church is the bride of Christ. What really grates is the portrayal of Jesus as a wimp, or worse. Paintings depict a gentle man embracing children and cuddling lambs. Hymns celebrate his patience and tenderness. The mainstream church, Driscoll has written, has transformed Jesus into “a Richard Simmons, hippie, queer Christ,” a “neutered and limp-wristed popular Sky Fairy of pop culture that . . . would never talk about sin or send anyone to hell.”

There's even a few things for Skippy.

Here and here too!

If you want the brainy part - click here.

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