Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Not good - not serious

Remember what caused 11 SEP from and internal failure point of view. Remember how critical (Gorelick memo et al) it is to have professionals and not politicians in charge of Intelligence?

Also understand how important it is to divorce politics from intelligence services in a republic. Bush 41 was CIA Director, so don't get too excited -- but I just don't like the entire concept.
Bill Clinton's former chief of staff Leon Panetta has been tapped to head the CIA in President-elect Barack Obama's administration, causing surprise and a bit of consternation by several individuals involved in the intelligence community.

Two Democratic sources close to the transition process said Monday that Panetta, who was a congressman and one-time head of the White House Office of Management and Budget, is Obama's pick to replace Michael Hayden at the CIA.

Panetta is a surprise pick since he has no experience in the intelligence world. However, as chief of staff he had considerable access to intelligence information and knows how the community operates.
Bad on Obama. Who knows, maybe Leon is a quick learner - as he is a very good politician, but who wants training wheels on in the middle of a race?

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