Thursday, January 08, 2009

Diversity Thursday

Where would the Diversity Bullies place this family from the UK? I would like to know, because there are, ahem, Navy families that have similar "challenges" when filling out those pesky forms that Diversity Bureaucrats and Grievance Industry Stormtroopers seem so interested in.
When the first set of twins arrived in 2001, the couple were astonished to see that Lauren took after her white mum, with blue eyes and red hair, while Hayleigh had black skin and hair like dad Dean.

Then this year Alison, 27, found she was expecting again — and lightning struck twice.

She had twin girls again. And little Miya was born with dark skin like her dad and Leah is white like former recruitment consultant Alison.
This is the reality. This is good news. This is what we need to adjust policy towards. It also provides the easiest solution. Race neutral policy. Get rid of "Don't ask, Don't tell" for homosexuals - but let's take up that banner when it comes to the increasingly irrelevant issue of race.

Children of a mixed-race background get flack from individuals both intentionally and unintentionally as they grow up and as adults - we should reject that and when they join Navy family we treat them as every other Sailor. In the larger society, year by year that is the trend as well - why not have the Navy ride that wave from the front? We have come so far to stay stuck in the false theories of the '70s - and an attitude that assumes the worst of everyone from CNO to Seaman Recruit.

The military has always led the nation when it comes to adapting to evolving race relations. Now is the time for another change. Just call it "OP NAVY BLUE" or something. It is time. You tell those girls they aren't equally precious, valuable, and have the same potential. I'm not.

BTW, Dean - dude. Two sets of twin girls that close together. Dude; I hope you like pink and horses.

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