Thursday, January 01, 2009

Diversity Thursday

We are banning names and patches again.

This one is a funny story, mostly because 99% of people out there will need an explanation why the lightening bolts you see on the patches are offensive ... and then you will need to explain the, ahem, "dynamics" of it to 50% of those you explain it to. I won't do the second part in any great detail ...

Let's start the New Year off right with a DT that will sober you up pronto. Just a warning....

What has been seen cannot be unseen. What is known cannot be unknown.

If you wish to be saved (I am talking to you Kristin) from knowing one of the more esoteric "cheeky" Gen. Y jokes, then stop reading now.
The Electronic Warfare EF-18G is officially known as the "Growler." Hmmmmm - words have meaning. What is the definition of "Growler" for the rest of the world? Well the answer is complicated, in the UK it means this,
growler - This term has two suggested meaning from two different people. The first is a slang name for vagina, i.e.. "I'd love to see her growler". ... The other meaning is: the sort of person who is very drunk in a pub and is looking for a fight, maybe a mad looking bloke sitting at the bar staring at people.
On this side of the pond, it means this,
growler - Defecation causing extreme pain, and audible growling sounds, i.e. "After eating that Mexican food, I took a serious growler."
Of course, when "Growler" was announced as the name for the EF-18G it was well known what the underground meaning of "Growler" was before the aircraft was named - warnings were sent up - but "they " did it anyway. Right away, most Gen X and below started giggl'n and hated the name, but the Boomers in charge just thought having the "G" in EF-18G combined with the old EA-6B name "Prowler" was just too cute not to combine. Few under CAPT thought it was a good idea.

As we expect from those with the personality to want to fly off carriers - the proud but disgusted JOs with the attitude Naval Aviators as known for stepped into the lexicon for other options. That is when "Shocker" came up.

"Shocker" seems an interesting and noble name perhaps, if for no other reason besides being an electronic bird.

Look at those patches at the top of the post; do they seem shocking and in poor taste?

To the Navy, a pinkie standing out with the index and middle finger out and the ring finger in usually means, "I didn't listen to the safety guys and kept my wedding ring on when underway."

The mind, however, is different in the 21st Century...and there will be no fun allowed. Though "Shocker" was an option, it was killed - and probably should remain killed - for obvious reasons.
The shocker, also known colloquially as "two in the pink, one in the stink",[1][2] is a hand gesture with a sexual connotation.
You can do more research on your own if needed. How about we call the EF-18G the Snuggly Bunny instead?

Get 'em here while you can. Further Gen Y hand signals can be found here.

Hate to say it - but in this case the elders from Footloose are right ... and so are the JOs. "Growler" is a horrible name, and just as tawdry as "Shocker" if we are going to be hyper-sensitive about anything involving tender viddles and what you may or may not do with them.

Happy New Year - and lets try to have fun through the tears.

Hat tip "I."

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