Saturday, May 10, 2008

The world as it is

Sometimes I am at a loss to explain to some people why we as Americans live in a fairy tale. We really do. Most of the rest of the world outside the balance of Europe, Australia, and a few spots in Asia and Latin America is filled with such filth and misery - it is only the small jewels you find out there that remind you that all humans can be good, safe, and free.

The key word here is "can." For most of the world, and those in our line of work mostly know the truth of it, the word is "won't."

Take out a copy of the NYT and take it to The Panzi Hospital with all the New York City complaints from all the sections - along with the New York Times Magazine while you are at it. Highlight them and show them to the patients there, these or these - if you can - and ask them what problems these are. Then tell me again why our nation and its people are evil. Tell me why an unarmed populace is good. Ask me again where NOW, Code Pink, Rev. Wright, Amnesty International, the Noble Committee, and Jimmy Carter are. Ask about Saudi Arabia, Iran, Burma, China, Somalia, Yemen - all the garden spots...all the centers of retrograde - what are they doing to improve the human condition and oppose the nightmare humans can create for each other.

Just a thought. Ask. Question. Wonder. Ponder. Pray.

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