Monday, May 12, 2008

B16 is not amused

Hey, I know my Southern Baptist glass house is full of snakes, 2,000 calorie a plate Fellowship Halls, and funny theories about how you stopped grape juice from fermenting thousands of years ago - but this Catholic "Call to Action" group gives Leftists, interpretive dance, and large puppets a bad name.

I like the, "...this is actually an Episcopalian black ops unit.." PSYOPS line - but no, this is about what I would expect from some who think that Vatican II was stolen by the Far Right.

I like their mission statement.
Call To Action (CTA) is a Catholic movement working for equality and justice in the Church and society. An independent national organization of over 25,000 people and 53 local chapters, CTA believes that the Spirit of God is at work in the whole church, not just in its appointed leaders. The entire Catholic Church has the obligation of responding to the needs of the world and taking initiative in programs of peace and justice. CTA acts as a nexus where the full panoply of Church renewal issues come into focus, intersecting and interacting to produce a vision of the Catholic Church as it can and should be. CTA promotes its vision of a progressive, engaged Catholicism through its acclaimed annual conferences, award-winning publications, extensive network of regional groups and joint programs with other Catholic renewal organizations.
My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ - you are a Protestant Sect - half of your Mission Statement was covered by The Reformation; welcome to the fold - you can take a seat next to the Unitarian-Universalists.

Hat tip LGF.

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