Sunday, May 25, 2008

DoD gets it

From the team that brought you the Blogger's Roundtable - the DoD now has its own blog, DoDLive.

In addition, we have some leaders who get it as well. Lieutenant General William Caldwell, IV, Commanding General of the US Army Combined Arms Center gave his direction in a recent CAC memorandum:
Command and General Staff College faculty and students will begin blogging as part of their curriculum and writing requirements both within the .mil and public environments. In addition CAC subordinate organizations will begin to engage in the blogosphere in an effort to communicate the myriad of activities that CAC is accomplishing and help assist telling the Army’s story to a wide and diverse audience.
More here.

After some bad experience on banning, censoring, and threatening - it seem that the brighter lights have decided to let a thousand flowers bloom. This is good for a free nation and its military. This will make us much better and more effective. It may be uncomfortable now and then for some - but so is anything that makes you stronger.

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