Monday, May 19, 2008

Sorry, Condi

Silvio Berlusconi spent his first day as Italy's new Prime Minister on Tuesday promising to deal swiftly with the country's many pressing problems, from the sale of its troubled national airline Alitalia to the masses of uncollected rubbish swamping Naples. And how does he plan to deal with it all? By appointing a cabinet that will include - if Silvio sticks to his election campaign pledge - a record number of women.

Berlusconi promised to give at least four of his 12 cabinet posts to women. One is expected to be Mara Carfagna (above right), a former Miss Italy contestant, who is in the running for Minister for the Family, while Stefania Prestigiacomo (above left), a member of his Forza Italia party, looks likely to be given the European Affairs portfolio.
Well, the Italians, well, have good taste. Smart, aggressive, and beautiful. Perfection.

If you find Mara Carfanga interesting, you can learn more, ahem, about her here.

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