Monday, May 12, 2008

RADM Stufflebeam, we're sorry

Is this all it takes?
According to the report, the investigation began when investigators received an anonymous letter containing "significant" details about the affair. Investigators had received another such letter in 1999, but it contained no detail and was not investigated.
At issue was Stufflebeem's removal from his post as a presidential aide in 1990. Stufflebeem testified that he initiated the request to leave his White House post because of "close family personal problems." But his superiors testified that he was removed from the post because of his relationship with the woman -- and that he admitted the affair.

Jane Doe's supervisor told investigators that when she learned of the affair from Doe, she confirmed Stufflebeem's marital status and told Doe what she'd learned.

"Ms. Doe's reaction, according to the supervisor, was one of complete surprise and shock," the report said.

The supervisor also said that she telephoned Stufflebeem's immediate supervisor to tell him of the affair and that when she called a few weeks later to follow up, the supervisor told her that "everybody in town knew Boomer was f'ing some bimbo at the [federal agency]."
Is this the Executive Branch of the Federal Government, or Sorority Row Sophomore year? He said, she said. Poof - gone career. He says one kiss, she says multiple fluid exchanges. The report just makes guesses. RADM Stuflebeem said it best,
"So I have had a great 18-year career since I left the White House," he said, according to the report. "If this is the end of it, then I still leave a rewarded individual, thankful for the blessings that I have had."
None of us knows - and it shouldn't matter. What I do know, is that once again we have a senior officer go down because of some long ago jilted or wannabe-jilted woman with a poison pen. Even if what she said is 100% correct - there is no evidence, no child, Stufflebeem has the same wife who has not made a complaint. No stained dress. No video, audio, etc. Is this the standard we have? 18 years ago?

Here is one thing that makes the hair on my neck stand up; guys, think back the better part of two decades ago and try to remember a woman who didn't mean that much to you, but she was sure in to you. Little do you know how much she was obsessed with you - and boy did she not go as easy as the came.

Over the intervening 18 years she has gone over the story, as she has it in her head, over and over as she has bumped from one disappointing life-milestone to another. As for you, you can't even remember what color her eyes are and if she drove a Nissan or a Toyota.

Next thing you know, she shows up at your boss's office. How much are you going to remember?
Are the stories that you forgot almost 10 years ago going to get better and better?

Sorry, RADM Stufflebeem - you deserve better from the read from the cheap seats. I haven't read the full report - but from what I see - all it takes is one phone call; guilty until proven innocent.

All should keep in mind, just because this IG says someone did something does not mean it happened. Knowing the intentional "looking the other way" of the epidemic adultery, fan room playtimes, and prostitution that takes place underway - makes this 18 year old story worse. I do wonder though - why didn't the Navy IG do this?

I will give Stufflebeem the benefit of the doubt, being that no one else did. Shame.

How true
, "He11 hath no fury like a woman scorned."

What type of woman? Well, from the report linked above, here is a jewel to give you some perspective.
VADM Stufflebeem also testified that he remembered sitting in her car outside the White House grounds discussing the relationship and her expectations that he would leave his wife to engage in a long term relationship with her. VADM Stufflebeem noted that problems began when the woman started to call his wife, and told us that he had not intended for the relationship to go as far as it had.
The conflicting stories between Stufflebeem and LTB Trefry sets me back some, but Stufflebeem makes a good point again WRT if he was "fired."
VADM Stufflebeem reiterated that he initiated his request for reassignment and submitted a letter request to LTG Trefry. To support his understanding that he was not fired, VADM Stufflebeem noted that he was never told he was fired, and referred to the fitness report he received upon his departure. VADM Stufflebeem described the report as good, pointing out that it recommended him for flag officer. 6 VADM Stufflebeem also said the current administration asked him to serve as the Military Assistant to the President, the position formerly held by LTG Trefry.
So, who gains here?

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