Wednesday, October 17, 2007

MIW: the gift that keeps giving

An object lesson that shows another reason why a bunch of "modules" and "hybrid sailors" just ain't going'a hack it.
A huge operation to clear the waters off Normandy of mines from the last two World Wars began Tuesday, according to French authorities.

Involved in the mission to clear the seabed of the Seine Bay off Normandy of unexploded naval mines are seven Nato's ships and two French minesweepers.

Approximately 450 sailors from seven countries are involved in the operation which is due to last until the 29th of October.

French maritime official spokesman Yann Bizien stated, "This operation is designed to search, find, identify, and destroy all historic mines in order to improve the safety of this navigation."

Just about 15 percent of the mines laid in the sea during the World Wars I and II have been razed, authorities said.

Nato battleships (sic) have wrecked 56 mines, chiefly in the Baltic Sea, since the year started.
All those years later, still a danger. Deadly water, but beautiful.

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