Thursday, October 25, 2007

Back in formation ...

So, I have made it back to the world of 1s and 0s. Thanks to all who kept The Maritime Strategy comments going strong - I don't think we are quite done there either. I have some thoughts that need to season some more; but as you may guess, I am going to be exceptionally busy over the next day or so trying to get hold of all the real world stuff that is clogg'n my Outlook Inbox, my stack of Blue Folders and that blinking red light on my phone. Ungh.

What came to mind as I bounced around my day back? Funny, nothing Navy specific; but in case you are wondering:

- Poland: she proves that she has a more functioning democracy than the USA - they actually made you prove you are who you say and are a citizen to vote. Makes for good citizenship as you actually know you are voting on a level field. Grandmother may not like it - but unlike the USA, voter fraud is more difficult. Good luck to the new Polish gov'munt.

- France: there are a few things that President Sarkozy and Skippy could talk over a beer over- well near-beer for Sarko's part. How classless. Notice all the "I" and "me" in there. Sigh, I am so lucky with Mrs. Salamander.

- Switzerland: she reminded us that no nation is required to commit national suicide. Call people all the nasty names you want, but in the end they will vote to stop their unique nation from becoming another poly-glot of globalgaggle. We are to support diversity, right? In a world where language aside; public transport in Paris looks the same as NYC or London - why not let the Swiss say, "No thanks." Too late really, but I guess the thought is interesting.

- Louisiana: another quaint foreign country that seems to at last found some smarts. Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) was just elected Governor. One of the bright lights of the Gen X Generation of politicians, it is a smart move by those nice people with the funny accents that just can't seem to buy a decent government. Best of luck to both; and watch Jindal. Watch him close; in a good way.

- Nothing is worth doing this: remember the bit I wrote earlier this month about DoD acquisition ethical problems (a common theme)? Well, one of the players, the number two USAF procurement officer Charles D. Riechers, just killed himself in this garage with greenhouse gases. A sad, selfish act. I feel sorry for his family and friends for his loss - and wish he stayed with the living. A smart man, he had much to offer innocent or guilty - but all he leaves is shame.

- Rugby. South Africa won. Great news for what can and should be a great country if they can just make it through envy, hate, revenge, and racism that Zimbabwe has set as the benchmark. I am optimistic.

- 70%: that is the reduction over the last quarter in Iraq. You have to fight your way through discussions of Bin Laden and the Czechs shifting their limited number of troops from Iraq to Afghanistan - but it is there.

- Finally, it is Islamo-fascism Awareness Week. Pass it on.

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