Thursday, October 18, 2007

CNO talks to bloggers

John teased me with this link, as I thought I might have a chance to play. Sniffle, I never get a chance to play with the cool kids. Mean old man 'bout made this little Sailor throw a hissy-fit.

In Phibian's world I would love a chance to get a line open with some Navy focued bloggers to have some time with the CNO via The Bloggers Roundtable, but alas, I know my place among the rest of the Crofters.

As it was, Goldfarb from The Weekly Standard, Jenkins from Fox News, Ward from, Jason from ArmchairGeneralist, Andrew from USCAV on point all got a question in to the CNO.

Trained well as he is to answer questions, the CNO didn't offer anything of substance in addition to the other things he has said as of late, but it is worth the listen-to here. He was on message, sharp, polite, and nimble.

BZ to the CNO for taking the questions, as it is a good opportunity to spread the net further to get the word out as he sees fit.

I think Goldfarb got the best question in about how we are going to get to 313 with all the shipbuilding problems we are having (costs etc). I think he drew blood, as the, "we will get there in 2020 plus or minus a few years.." just didn't come out that well for the CNO. He, and therefor we, need a better answer to that question. Ditto his LCS and LPD-17 comments he made to Ward later on where he got lost some and sounded like an answer someone would give in 2002 about buying "concepts."

Give it a listen, and Jack - invite some smaller fish next time. Lex, Eagle1, Chap and myself will be nice and polite. If you want some jazz, you may want to invite Skippy as well.....

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