Thursday, October 04, 2007

13 months to a new America

Sure, 13 months is a long time in politics. A lot can happen, and it is best regardless of what side you are on to avoid trying to look too far ahead.

That being said, there is a post by Kate O'Beirne over at The Corner that gives the worst case scenario for the Republicans on the Senate side for '08. I have thought for awhile that due mostly to the numbers involved (R's have to defend 7 more seats than D's), the Republicans will lose another 4-5 seats - but - yikes!
Just spoke to a former GOP Hill aide who has served longer with conservative Members than almost anyone else I know. He is a solid conservative who tends toward the pessimistic view of things but still. . . He thinks that there could be as few as 39 Republican Senators after next year's elections. "If we're lucky, we'll lose only 9," he says. Jeez. I haven't been watching the races that are shaping up as closely as he has but disagree that the six seats he has emphatically written off are all goners: NH, MN, CO, NM, VA, NE. Again, wonderful guy who would never be mistaken for Little Mary Sunshine.
If the Republicans don't find their gut, you are looking at Hillary in the White House, a filibuster proof Senate - and if that happens - another 10+ seats in the House for the Democrats. The Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves - and it isn't the War - their base is just pi55ed.

You want a new America? That is one way to get it. Be careful what you wish for. One party rule in spades. About the only thing that could save Republicans is Hillary at the top of the Dem. ticket; that will wake the Rep. base up. We are due for a couple of very ugly election cycles.

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