Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sarkozy is a mench

Because he has managed to do something most of us just fantasize about: dismiss Leslie Stahl of 60 Minutes like the hack she is. BTW, if 60-minutes ever spent time with the French they would know that Sarkozy was just being, well, French with is aide. Note the roll of the eyes. And they claim Bush is clueless about the rest of the world. Notice the cheap shot 60 minutes makes by playing the pre-interview shots. Would they ever do something like that to Hillary?

Also, notice the difference between this video and the one CBS is putting out - they edited out the offer of a handshake and the attempt by Sarkozy to give Stahl a chance to ask a real question. But now, she feels that the most important thing the American people need to hear about the President of France is his soon-to-be ex-wife.
BZ President Sarkozy, we think 60 Minutes is garbage too. Don't feel bad, they lie all the time to those they interview. I am just sorry they treated the President of France like he was a Alabama County Commissioner. BZ.

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