Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bookie comes aboard!

One of my favorite bloggers has taken the next step; and thank you very much; my dear, dear Bookie.
Yesterday, my family and I experienced something very special: a private tour of the USS Shoup, an Arleigh Burke class of Aegis guided missile destroyer. As soon as we stepped on the ship, the Executive Officer met us, greeted us by name, and took us on an hour long tour of the ship, from stem to stern and from top to bottom.

If you’re wondering at this point why we got this VIP treatment, I have two words: Navy League. I joined the Navy League a couple of months ago because it is an organization that supports the Navy (you can read its mission statement here) and, in turn, is supported by the Navy. That latter fact means that, if someone on a visiting ship has the time and the willingness, an interested Navy League member (and her family) can get precisely the type of tour we got. And all that just for appreciating the Navy and paying what amounts to a few dollars per month. Even Mr. Bookworm, normally a rather cynical type, expressed himself blown away, both by the ship and by the graciousness extended to us.
Read the full report. The Navy I know.

Thanks for the heads-up Bill.

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